About Us

About Us

Before we go too deep into the blasé “about us” stuff like, how awesome our company is and what to expect when you give us your time and money…..let us introduce you to the minds behind the curtain.  

Fetch is a partnership of two likeminded, driven individuals who grew up right here in Amarillo.  This partnership is more than 20 years young and continues growing every day. Because we grew up here, and take pride in our home town, we both have a powerful desire to help our local community.

Amanda Hernandez (CEO and Co-Owner) & Jennifer Martinez (President/CMO & Co-Owner)

Fetch began one day with us sitting around on a Tuesday night, exhausted from a hard day’s work and very very hungry.  We knew what we wanted to eat, but neither one of us had the energy to get up and drive the 20 minutes to pick it up.  While drawing straws for the unlucky, we jokingly said “I wish there was delivery service who would do this for us right now, and throw in a case of beer”.  This sparked a conversation that would eventually kindle a fire in us that could not be put out.  Our thoughts were to incorporate delivering a myriad of items, not just food, but stuff that people could be thankful to get at the push of a button. Fetch is in its infant stages right now, but our brains are always churning and yearning to bring the delivery of awesome to whomever seeks it.  We hope that you enjoy our services and if there is anything you need remember…. we have an app for that!  Feel free to send us a message either by contact form on our website, email, or any social media outlet. We care about our customers, the service received and our community.  


How we work.
Unlike other services in the area, you pay the same price that you would be if paying at the restaurant. We DO NOT upcharge on food.  For the convenience provided to you, with customized ordering and delivery, we start at a 9% fee, we call this a “Convenience Fee”. This covers the simplification of receiving your order, and delivering them to you in the safety and comfortability of your home, office space, patio or relaxing place. Unlike the other services in town, who add $3.00 to every item you order and then tack on a delivery fee, we charge only the one fee at the end of your transaction. At Fetch, we know our customers work hard, and your hard-earned dollar is valued.  We want nothing more than to provide to you, our customers, our services at an affordable rate. 

What is the Fetch fee? 

The “Fetch Fee” is a combination of a delivery fee and a convenience fee.  Delivery fees start at $3.99 and work from an A to B Point perspective.  Meaning, the fees begin from the establishment of food or goods, to your delivery location.  After your driver leaves the zone of point A, a fee of $0.50 per mile is added to your delivery charge. The “Convenience Fee” (combined with the Fetch Fee) is determined based on an existence or non-existence of a partnership with said establishments. Establishments that are partnered with us, allow us to keep fees lower for you.  This equates to more bang for your buck.

If you have a favorite place to eat or buy goods from, we would appreciate you putting in a good word for us!

Fetch 806 is designed to make your life easier. Whether it be at home, work, or an event somewhere. We bring you great items, for a great price.