How to Order

Delivery Fee

The delivery fee starts at $3.99 and will increase after your driver leaves the zone at a rate of $0.50 per mile there after.
Your 'fetcher' (delivery driver) appreciates any tips received for timely service.

Delivery Time

The average delivery time varies based on volume and time of day. We typically quote between 30-60 minutes for deliveries. We recommend that large orders be placed at least one day in advance.

Forms of Payment

Residential/Hotel: Cash and Credit Card.
Corporate: Cash, Credit Card, and Company Check (company check address must match delivery address).
We accept all forms of credit and debit cards.  Cash is accepted as well within a limited denominal range deemed suitable for the safety of our drivers.  Exact change is appreciated.  If you chose to give your 'Fetcher' a tip, you may do so by either cash or card at the time of the transaction.


We specialize in group lunch deliveries and drop off catering orders! Catering requires 48 hour + notice. 
Call us to schedule a group lunch order and we will gladly place your orders and deliver it to your office.